The Benefits of Eating Frozen Fruit & Veggies

Written by Stacey from @naturalspoonfuls

Freezing food has only been common practice in our homes in the last century, but freezing in itself has been used by animals and humans for millennia. There are a few big benefits to eating frozen fruit and vegetables, below we are going to unpack these wins!

Snapped Frozen!

Freezing produce when it is still at its utmost freshness/ripeness, locks in the nutrients. The nutrients in produce continue to deplete over time. Just picture that sad soft carrot that has been unintentionally neglected… we’ve all been there! Well, that’s honestly how the carrot is feeling on the inside too, its nutrients are depleting as it begins to decompose. Numerous studies have found that frozen produce contain greater nutrient levels compared to fresh, which makes a lot of sense seeing as those nutrients are being snapped frozen within a few hours as opposed to being transported, sold at the grocery store and finally eaten days later.

Access Nutrients Year Round

Our freezers allow us to have access to fruits and vegetables all year round, even when they are actually out of season. So don’t stress your blueberry muffin craving can always be fulfilled and you won’t have to pay a ridiculous price either!


With the introduction of the freezer, we are very fortuitous to always have the ability to have access to fruit and vegetables on demand. Having a well-stocked freezer is a lifesaver if you’re in the habit of using it. Having a produce filled freezer eliminates the typical excuses of “we don’t have any food”, which often results in takeaway and poorer nutritional choices. Getting in the routine of always having a variety of fruit and vegetables in your freezer is a very good idea to encourage us to eat a diet rich in wholefood ingredients. Grabbing from the freezer is a convenient option for each meal of the day. Perhaps it’s adding some berries to your breakfast smoothie, some peas and corn to your fried rice lunch, and some broccoli and cauliflower to your stir fry dinner. Making friends with your freezer will save you time and money!

Reduce Food Wastage

As an individual we have the ability to make a difference by freezing leftovers and unused produce that can often lay forgotten at the bottom of our crisper! This is brilliant for our wallets as well as the environment. In terms of farms freezing produce straight away, this is also fantastic news for both our wallets and the environment. Frozen produce is often much cheaper than fresh, which is always a win! But it also ensures that crops are not going to waste, as it will be stored frozen to be used by us consumers. This approach assists the global food wastage issue. 

There are many more benefits to having frozen fruit and vegetables such as providing produce to those who don’t always have access/availability to fresh sources. Making friends with frozen produce is a cost effective, convenient and nutritious choice!