The Lockyer Fruit and Veggie Cooperative Ltd are now registered and approved by the Queensland Government!
It has many Government-supported objectives listed within the rules PDF below.


The Cooperative ensures that the Lockyer Valley Foods processing facility processes 70,000 tonnes of vegetables in year one and more each year after. Most importantly, the Coop ensures the facility remains in Australia’s hands.

Our Cooperative supports the company’s plans and is committed to protecting the environment, using clean and green ethos and protecting the wildlife of Queensland. We are a Cooperative with community values, working to bring about better community standards and provide Australians products that are often imported from overseas, taking Australians’ jobs.

So, what’s in it for a member?

A share in the Cooperative supports growing Australian products for Australian consumption, to be sold in Australian supermarkets and to deliver jobs, employment and future benefits not only to the community in this case, Queensland but also to the Members/shareholders of the Cooperative.

Member Shareholders will be involved in making history! This is the first time a government has lawfully registered and permitted a cooperative to directly buy shares in a commercial company. They are confined only to buying them in Lockyer Valley Fruit, and Vegetable Processing Company Limited to build a multi-stage processing facility at Withcott and, over time, lead to the formation of a second facility in the Bundaberg region for fruit and pineapple processing.

A key element of this project is that we are using technology that has been gathered from all over the world. This technology is not currently used in one place, making our facility a first of its kind!

These technologies provide huge efficiencies in terms of cost and manpower in running the processing facility, and in stage three, Lockyer Valley Foods will be producing its own power by producing methane and will eventually have a fleet of trucks (methane operated) delivering our products throughout Queensland and or to ports and airports.

We are looking for 20,000 Australians to have the opportunity to become part of history and keep the facility in Australia’s hands! We are delighted to offer Membership Shares for sale now at $1000 each (maximum 20 membership shares per member).

Please watch this short video to find out more about the project!


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