Health Benefits of Beetroot

Written by Stacey Hatfield from Natural Spoonfuls

Beetroots are an incredibly nutrient rich food packed with amazing health benefits. Not only this, but they are seriously delicious and quite a versatile root vegetable when it comes to cooking. 

The beauty of beetroots is the ability to use the whole vegetable. Yes, we all know the deliciousness from the bulb, but did you know that the greens that sprout above, are also hearty in nutrients, flavourful and a fantastic way to approach waste free cooking?

You may have come across different coloured beetroot bulbs, ranging from dark red to magenta and even gold! The leafy greens sprouting above are veined with their deep colour. Visually beetroots are truly stunning. Now let’s get into some of the health benefits:

  • Beetroots are high in fibre which is very important for digestive health
  • They are notably high in folate (vitamin B9), this assists cell functioning and proper tissue growth. Both of which are very important during pregnancy
  • Rich source of important minerals like iron, zinc, copper, calcium, potassium and magnesium. All of which are essential for our metabolic health and overall wellbeing
  • One of the best sources of manganese which is a trace element needed for bone health
  • Rich in antioxidants with it’s high amounts of selenium, which is protective against oxidative stress and inflammation throughout the body
  • Supportive of immune health with the high amounts of fibre, B vitamins and minerals
  • The sprouting greens are particularly high in vitamin A which is important for brain, skin, vision and organ health. They are also high in vitamin K which is essential for healthy blood and metabolism. 

Cooking Inspiration

Beetroot skin does not need to be peeled; this part of the root vegetable is incredibly high in fibre. But if you do choose to peel them, be careful of their deep coloured juice, we recommend not wearing a white t-shirt! You have been warned!

To retain freshness, simply wash beetroots in cold water just before using. Beetroots can be eaten raw but are typically roasted, steamed or boiled. They are a common favourite due to their sugar content and natural sweetness. The greens are a fantastic addition to a stir-fry, but they can also be steamed. 
Beetroots make a beautiful addition to salads, burgers, brownies, hummus, roasts and stir-fries! The culinary opportunities are endless!
Beetroots truly are a nutrient powerhouse and definitely a vegetable you should include regularly in your diet to reap all the incredible health benefits. Now the only question left is, what are you going to cook first?