Meet our dedicated team


Colin Dorber

Deputy Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Colin Dorber brings 46 years of extensive experience to the Board. As the founding investor and leader of the innovation team, Colin has experience in strategy, business planning, board reporting, budgetary compliance skills, investor/key client relationships, day-to-day implementation of employment law, extensive management, training and education experience.

Colin is a resident of the Lockyer Valley and has been for many years, and has seen first-hand the need for the most vibrant and fertile growing region in Australia to develop a capacity to further process its crops, create sustainable markets, and ensure that the growers and farmers are the principal beneficiaries of the creation of a new food processing canning facility. 

As CEO and Managing Director, Colin runs the current Coordination of the company, is in charge of planning and service delivery, media deliver and oversight, development application oversight, and the day to day operations management. 


Terry Edwards

Chair and Director of Strategic Planning

Qualifications: B. Comm. Majoring in Accounting and Tax Law, Certificate of Public Practice.

As a director of a Brisbane accounting and advisory business, Terry brings an extensive set of skills in forensic accountancy, board operations and strategic planning. As board chair he has facilitated and supervised the transition of the company from a group of enthusiastic businesspeople to become a compliant and functioning unlisted public company.

Terry is appointed for his extensive multi board experiences and direct chair management roles. He also has an extensive understanding of the agricultural industry in Queensland and a detailed knowledge of corporate and government registry requirements.


Lester Underdown

Project Operations 

MBA, Masters of Project Management, B. App Science. Specialising in steam and thermal oil energy systems and how they apply to optimising process engineering. 

Lester brings a diverse range of experience in the innovation, design and implementation of plant and equipment to the Lockyer Valley team. His experiences have equipped him with the very special skills needed to present a full integrated and technology viable cannery operation. He has a history of having implemented major technical improvements and substantial long-term financial returns to both international and Australian industries. 

As Project Operations General Manager, Lester’s design genius, outstanding project management ability and sound technical background, is invaluable to the implementation of the Lockyer Valley Cannery project. This ranges from developing new efficiencies to supersede old processing modalities and identifying constraints in food processing projects, by designing engineering and management solutions to maximise project profitability. 


Mark Walsh

Director and Chief Finance Officer

Mark is an experienced corporate accountant holding legal qualifications and specialises in assisting start-up companies become successful.

He leads a team of Accountants and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Public Accountants. He has a Master of Law degree with 30+ years of financial management experience.

He brings strong financial analysis, project feasibility, and property development skills to the Board.



Marie King

Director, Community Engagement

Marie King is the community director on the board and will be responsible for community and school-based activities. She is a degree qualified registered nurse and a clinical nurse consultant. She has practised and still practices and a nurse for approximately 30 years.

She is further qualified in many areas of nursing activities including intensive care nursing management and has been engaged in providing support services in the industrial relations arena and work place health and occupational matters for the past 8 years.

Marie brings consummate skills in people management with a particular focus on many years working in charitable and school-based organisations. She has a passion for community development and for ensuring that the historical memories of adults visiting the famous golden circle cannery will be replicated at Lockyer Valley Foods.

Murray Chatfield

Murray Chatfield

Director and Investor Relations

B.Com (Ag) Economics and Marketing, MBA (Bayes Business School, City  University of  London), AMCT, MAICD

Murray brings the strategic focus and vision, together with the attention to fine detail gained during a successful career guiding the creation, reorganisation and expansion of businesses to achieve sustained benefits to these organisations.  Leveraging a diverse skill set covering finance, treasury, accounting, operational efficiency, risk management (business, market, tax and regulatory), legal and regulatory compliance and direct financial market interaction, while strongly referring to skills relating to his strong and continuing direct links to his agricultural background.

Murray’s experience has predominantly been focussed in the financial sector but also covering a variety of entrepreneurial, commodity, technology and service facing sectors has enabled him to have a significant impact on achieving the goals and objectives set out for the business.

Murray brings broad experience from capital raising to running growth businesses within a technology framework with strong financial skills.  His experience from ASX listed boards to private companies will ensure strong governance processes are employed, while still striving for strong and efficient management strategies. 

John rivett (002)

John Rivett

Legal Director

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Law (UQ), Solicitor.

John is a mature practising Solicitor with over forty-five years of legal and commercial experience, including being involved in many startups in a range of businesses including agriculture and food processing. He has a passionate interest in agriculture and rearing farm animals – growing, logistics, processing and marketing.