Development Application Update

Working hard on the $1 million dollar development application (DA) will be at the forefront of our goals until approved! We must admit, it’s disappointing that an application to build an innovative, highly technical, and environmentally responsible food processing facility requires months for a government response. We received positive signals from the state government early on in the process, only to now be dealing with potential roadworks costs. We will reach a consensus but not agree to pay for the failings of government to
maintain access to key arterial roads and encourage manufacturing in the valley.

We have been surprised that no senior government advisor, bureaucrat, or ministerial office holder has expressed interest in our stage one project, which has an $80 million commissioning cost. Unless we call them, we hear nothing! 

It is disappointing that our future project, which will only benefit our country, is being overlooked. Governments (State and Federal) should support our goals of creating 140-500 jobs by the final stage,
significantly increasing (10-fold) processed fruit and vegetable supplies from the Lockyer Valley and surrounding areas, and spending $380 million over the next five years. Maybe they could divert some of the
millions given to established players, especially in the mining and resources sector, where profits are enormous.

Our CEO, Colin, decided two years ago to stop speaking with politicians and remove any suggestion that the development of this facility required political intervention. He believed that a deserving project did not require thousands of dollars in lobbying and campaigning at the federal level.

Unfortunately, it has become clear from recent (past) government decisions and funds allocated that the Lockyer Valley is not important to our Leaders, as demonstrated by the Federal Government’s complete apathy towards our project. 

We are keen to see what the new fed government does, and we are happy to report that we have seen some early positive signs so far. We must specifically mention Lockyer Valley Regional Council for demonstrating
a reasonable, logical, and workable response to the appropriate financial contribution to their costs of reviewing our application. Since the beginning, our Local Council has been a huge supporter of our now deliverable vision!