CEO Update – July 2022

Now that the Development Application is under Qld Govt and Lockyer Valley review, let’s restate our vision!
Lockyer Valley Foods’ Board of directors is fully committed to its pledge to always support Australian Fruit & Veggie Growers to grow in Australia, creating more Australian jobs, and most importantly, have Growers not only to be part of our project but WANT to be a part of our project.

As part of our commitment in supporting the development of the Lockyer Fruit and Veggie Cooperative Ltd, and its goal to get 20,000 plus Australians to become Members for a lifetime by buying membership’s at $1000 each (with a modest primary member $100 annual fee) to build the factory (to include canning, frozen, fresh, powdered and packaged fruit & veg lines); we are also committed to work with the Cooperative by supporting the employment of full time Agronomists, jointly funding top class R&D; and committing to sound environmental management (both on farm and at the processing facility) of the highest standards. We also commit to negotiating long-term Grower contracts designed to guarantee the profitability of Growers of Fruit and Vegetables by maximising the utilisation of up to 100% of the crops they produce.

Our commitment to the environment is to be fully self-sustaining, producing our own power, utilising state-of the-art technology, and guaranteeing a recycled water supply that minimises our footprint. We also plan to
implement and deliver initiatives that create a (skilled) career path, that any young person now entering High
School may aspire to, in the future.

Finally, we want to be an employer of choice and a producer of the highest quality fruits and vegetables found anywhere in Australia. We can only do this with your support.