Benefits of Eating Locally Grown!

Benefits of eating locally and Australian grown as opposed to importing
Let’s Eat Local!

Making a conscious effort to eat locally and source Australian grown products and produce is extremely beneficial for not only our own health, but also the health of the land. So, let’s get straight into it and unpack why eating locally and Aussie grown is a very good decision.

Benefits of Eating Locally & Australian Grown

·       Eating Locally Promotes Seasonal Eating
Have you ever walked into your local supermarket and questioned why a particular vegetable or fruit is being sold at that particular time of year? You’re not alone, it is becoming more and more difficult to determine what’s actually in season and local, when shelves are being filled with imported produce that is available all year round.

But why is seasonal eating beneficial?
Eating seasonally ensures nutrient requirements are being provided to the body all year round. Nature cleverly delivers certain nutrients at the right time of year, to ensure the body thrives. For instance, we have oranges and kiwi fruit in winter which we know are full of vitamin C, this supports our immunity though the cooler months. During the warmer weather we have an abundance of juicy fruit like watermelons to assist hydration. Eating seasonally also promotes diet diversity, which is essential to a healthy functioning gut microbiome. This diversity also supports a varied intake of colourful fruit and vegetables, each of which has unique nutritional properties to benefit the body.

Eating locally and therefore seasonally also creates anticipation and connection through the power of food. There is so much joy to be had when you take your first mouthful of mango for the season or dig into the cherries on the Christmas table. As we know, food is a catalyst for human contact and enjoying local seasonal produce promotes this sense of connection.

·       Cost Effective
Eating locally & Aussie grown is also budget friendly as less food miles means less expense.

·       Fresh Food
Nutritionally eating local and Australian grown is beneficial as the food, travels less which means it is delivered to you faster and therefore stays fresher for longer! Eating fresh food means the nutritional properties are retained and ready for the body to use.

·       Supports the Local Economy
Buying local ensures we are supporting the local economy and promoting our Aussie farmers. This kind of action encourages local businesses to employ more members from the community and leads to more money circulating within the nation. 

·       Supports the Local Environment

Caring and respecting the land is of the utmost importance. Eating locally heavily reduces food miles, which results in less transportation, less carbon emissions and overall pollution. The food also may require less packaging, resulting in less use of plastics. Sourcing Australian grown produce is a fantastic way to decrease your personal carbon footprint.


Eating local and Aussie grown is not only beneficial to our body’s health, but also the nation’s wealth. It is important from an environmental standpoint and promotes a healthy future for a strong local economy with a healthy nation.