About Lockyer Valley Foods ™

Our journey began in 2011 when a major Northgate, Queensland food processing facility closed its doors and moved its operations overseas. This resulted in the Lockyer Valley Farmers and other horticultural production areas in South East Queensland without a facility to process their produce.

As a local, our CEO, Colin Dorber, felt that this void had to change, and he knew that the salad bowl of South East Queensland needed a local facility. This vision has taken time to develop, but it is one that we are incredibly proud of since it is so important to Australia and us. The project will progress in stages to ensure orderly product supply and staff training.

The first stage will be a deep-freezing line processing a wide range of vegetables from the Lockyer Valley farmers. Initially, we expect to process 37,000 tonnes of fresh produce each year and increase to 104,000 tonnes by the third year and supply 70,000 tonnes of final packed and frozen goods per year on a three-shift basis. We intend to eventually double the size of the frozen line and expand frozen produce for export markets.

Our Outcomes: