CEO Update – August 2022

I hope you enjoyed our updates on the development application’s progress. We knew there would be challenges and bumps along the way, but some genuine government interest would be welcomed. 

We are all aware that Australia must become more self sufficient. Our lifestyle and standard of living are dependent on the revitalisation of the manufacturing industry, whether it is processing or producing food. Covid and the transportation crisis made us realise that we needed to rely more on our own country.

We are excited to keep moving forwards, and an information memorandum will be issued shortly. With that and an approved development application, we will have access to sophisticated, high wealth Australian investors.

Separately, the Lockyer Fruit and Veggie Cooperative is gradually getting off the ground, having already purchased a few hundred thousand shares, I am delighted that the Cooperative is working hard to meet its objectives! The primary objective is to have 20,000 Australians take part in and support this project by purchasing a $1000 lifetime membership share through the Cooperative; and ensuring that our project,
lovingly known as “The Cannery” in Withcott, Queensland, is owned by Australians.

Keep an eye out until next month, when we’ll start introducing you to our technology – without the politics!