Welcome to Lockyer Valley Foods™ 
The Food Bowl of Australia

Home of The Lockyer Valley Fruit & Vegetable Processing Company Limited

Lockyer Valley Foods™ has embarked on an exciting project that will transform the Australian food processing industry. Our state-of-the-art facility will be located in Withcott, at the heart of Queensland’s beautiful Lockyer Valley, which is famous for growing the country’s most diverse range of vegetables and commercial fruits.

Since 2011, the Lockyer Valley has been without a local food processing facility, but our project will change that! We’re proud to support local and Australian growers, increase Australian-grown and owned products, and create 124 jobs in Stage One, rising to 500 plus jobs for the community by Stage Four.

Our Development Application was approved by the Queensland Government and the Lockyer Valley Regional Council in December 2022, marking a significant milestone for the project and the future of Australia. We’re committed to meeting the growing demand for Australian locally-sourced, sustainable food options, and we’re excited to positively impact the industry and the community.

Are you aware of the roots of your food? Let’s bring back the Aussie labels!

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