Welcome to Lockyer Valley Foods™ 
The Food Bowl of Australia

Home of The Lockyer Valley Fruit & Vegetable Processing Company Limited

Lockyer Valley Foods  is developing a state-of-the-art fruit and vegetable processing facility in the Lockyer Valley, Withcott, Queensland. For the past 12 years, our mission has been to see this facility come to life and our driving force is to support local farmers and provide Australians with a frozen vegetable and canned product range sourced from local growers. 


The Lockyer Valley grows the most diverse range of vegetables in Australia, but they have been without a local food processing facility since 2011 when a large organisation in Northgate, Queensland, relocated its operations overseas. This dream has been a long process, but one that we are extremely proud of. And we are thrilled that Australians can become members of the Lockyer Fruit and Veggie Cooperative Ltd and help us keep Australian produce in Australian hands!

Are you aware of the roots of your food? Let’s bring back the Aussie labels!
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